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Global Music Awards - Best Video

Caught in a Dream wins the Global Music Awards

Could not believe my eyes this morning when I saw that my song 'Caught in a Dream' from my album 'Back in Time' has been awarded the Global Music Award for the instrumental and music video category!

This is going bring a BIG smile to all the artists and musicians that worked so hard to make this a reality.

Producer: Shayla Jones Executive Producer / Composer: George Varghese Video Shoot / Edit: Avast Productions - Asher Vast, Kevin Preston, Emilio Cerrillo and Amy Greenwood Dancers - Jasmine Wright and Lionel Flynn Make up: Shanine Xavier Yngvason and Marcel Banks (Protesthics) Gaffer: Alex Walsh Location 1: The Ruins (Melissa Randall) Location 2: The garden of Kevin Hanna and Claire Kevin Hanna

Musicians George Varghese - Guitars, Keys Willy Wilfred Demoz - Drums Steve DeMar - Bass Tony Das - Guitars Gus Apostle (Rhonda Garlock Apostol) - Keyboards Larry Mitchell - Guest Guitar Solo Marcel Fernandez - Mix Engineer Robert Lang Studios (Tina Liberio Lang)

Special Thanks to Mary Varghese, the best mom I was so blessed to have and supported me from ay one Kari Gaffney for helping me with my music promotion Robert Xavier for teaching me my first guitar lessons Mary Joseph for helping my first electric guitar get to me all the way from Washington to Bangalore back in 1996.

My music is available here!store/c1tib

The photo Album of the making of the Video:…

Video Documentary (Still in draft):

the awards Page:

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