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RAZZVIO Live at Verge Studios

Electric Violin with 6 Strings ????

I happened to go over to the food trucks at the westlake center in downtown seattle and while standing in line for my food, saw this awesomely talented violinist performing solo and filling the air with some soulful melodies. I was so curious where all this music was coming from when she had no band backing her. And then I realized .. she was playing all the parts herself .. recording them live in front of us .. and then stacking each track into layers and the song would just unfold right in front of us. She was a live looping artist and singer, and really good at it. She was touring across the USA for the next 9 months and was in Saettle only for a few more days. I approached her after one of she sets and asked her if she wanted to stop by Verge Studios and perform a couple of her songs. And to my sheer delight .. she said YES!

What happened next was an awesome session at Verge Studios 4 days later. She was joined by multi instrumentilist and producer Kevin Proctor who played the drums and Keys.

Here are some pictures from the session and I will have the video out shortly!!

Thank you Razz and Kevin Proctor for the awesome music and looking forward to collaborating on more projects in the future! <3

Check out for their awesome videos and tour schedule. If they are performing in your city .. you got to check them out!!!

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