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Released 'Pehla Nesha / Sab Tera' Mashup with Sonia Keshwani

Sonia and I got together on June 25th and recorded another special medley of two songs. one is an old time favourite (I remember playing it numerous times back in the goold old college days) and one is a more recent tune that has such an beautiful melody.

Sonia has this awesome knack for picking perfect songs that blend in and out so seamlessly. We are planning to keep the names of the song a secret so that its a pleasant surprize when we release it :-)

This time we have added drums and keyboards and guitars, so will have a fuller sound that we hope you enjoy. I am working on editing the music and video and hopefully will have it all ready for us to share in a couple of days.

Its always susch a joy to work with Sonia and already look forward to our next.

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