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Released 'Titanic Theme Cover' - Collaboration with Bevani

Bevani messaged me about a month ago as asked me if I would like to collaborate with her on the theme song for the Titanic. I was thrilled and immediately messaged her back saying I would be more than thrilled to work on this song with her. I worked on the backing music, and when she flew in to Seattle, she came over to my studio and we recorded her fluteparts. I added some acoustic and lead guitar parts to the song to give it a unique production.

The Video Shoot

I contacted my video crew (the awesome Emilio and Kevin) and we all trooped over to the beach in Edmonds Friday evening. Unfortunately it started to rain as we drove to the beach and we decided that we were going to make this video .. what ever the situation. But to our amazement, as we started shooting the rain stopped and soon the sun began to peep between the awesome rain clouds and give us a spectacle of sunset glory!!!

In the Studio

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