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Official Voting Member at the Grammys

A HUGE thank you to everyone who supported me along these last two years since I started this amazing journey with the Grammy's.

Well .. today is a special day .. as I just received news today that after review I am now officially a "Voting Member" at National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for the Grammy Awards.

I am so thrilled and grateful to all my friends I have got so close to along this adventure and have guided me along the way especially Arun Shenoy Ricky Kej Wouter Kellerman Tholsi Pillay Varsha Kej Trevor Sewell Jordan BuetowVivi Melody Katie Garibaldi Rondi Marsh David Longoria Art TawangharNancy Rumbel and so many more special friends from my grammy family. Also a BIG thank you to all the musicians who have worked with me over the last few years to make my music come to life, especially my band Jeff EasonLui Williams and Gus Apostle [Rhonda Garlock Apostol] and dearest friends and fellow musicians Tony Das Willy Demoz Brian Hunsaker Gary Clay Sonia Keshwani Beverly Brossmann. And a very special thank you to Dee Tee for being such a strong support in your role as my Artist Manager helping me at every step since we met a couple of years ago.

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