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Erwilian and Rondi Marsh at Verge Studios

A wonderful afternoon with members fro the Seattle based band Erwilian and Rondi Marsh. And we had some other wonderful guests drop by including Jody Quine, Ronnie King and Bret Woodroof.

Erwilian is an award-winning American musical group featuring acoustic instrumentation, led by soprano recorder, violin, and hammered dulcimer. The group blends elements from celtic, world, and folk music into an original cross-genre style classified as New Age. Since its formation in 2000, the group has featured various multi-instrumentalists in its lineup. Current members and primary instruments include founders Scott Melton (guitar) and Jordan Buetow (recorders), Bethel Melton (hammered dulcimer), Malcolm Lee (bass), Matt Garcia (harp), John Hintze (percussion), and Keely Rendle (violin).

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